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Not many people can say they’ve climbed 30 or the highest mountains in Colorado. Even fewer can say that they’ve worked on remote research projects in Russia. And even fewer can say they’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity in Nicaragua and the Philippines. Laura Karden is one of those rare people who can say she has done all these things and a lot more. But for Laura, life isn’t just about seeking and experiencing unique opportunities for
her own piece of mind. She believes that furthering her diverse palate of knowledge is what allows her to do what she loves most- using her wisdom to help others. Laura knows that the first step towards making the most of life is to achieve a higher level of understanding. The summit of knowledge is the one pinnacle Laura never stops reaching for.

Learning to Teach
With a father who was a pastor and a mother who taught elementary school, Laura grew up in an environment that fostered her thirst for knowledge. Whether it was being exposed to different kinds of literature or accompanying her father on various charity missions nationally and internationally, Laura credits her family for her sense of empath and unrelenting drive to learn more, do more and be more.
Instilled with these values, Laura made a commitment to educate people and become a resource to help them accomplish their goals. Whether it was working as a writing coach while earning her college degree in botany, teaching snowboarding, or co-authoring the Summit Climbing Guide, a manual for rock climbers, she never tires creating an environment that is conducive to learning.

Peak Performance
It’s only befitting that Laura chose to make Summit County her permanent home. Having spent vacations in the area since she was 7 years old, Laura felt this unique lifestyle was like nothing she’d ever experienced, and it drove her to help others enjoy the many facets of its one-of-a-kind appeal. From participating in the Town of Silverthorne Sport Committee to leading back country trips through the wilderness, Laura is definitely “in-the-know” about her community. But Laura’s passion for showing others how to take their opportunities to the next level didn’t stop there. True to her edifying nature, she wanted to provide people with the knowledge she wanted to provide people with the knowledge that would enable them to make the most of one of the biggest decisions of their life- their home.

Reaching higher for you
As one of the area’s leading real estate agents, Laura’s approach to her career is characterized by her devotion to ensure clients have all the resources they need to capitalize on their investment. By immersing herself in her clients’ specific objectives, Laura gets a clear understanding of what they want to accomplish. She then works side by side with them throughout the process to help them achieve those goals. Whether they’re selling a longtime residence or looking for the perfect vacation home, she shows people all of their options and keeps them apprised of the information they need to make sound decisions.

Throughout the process, Laura’s local insight and ability to take the guesswork out of real estate is unparalled. When it comes to buying or selling a Summit County home, it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Work with a professional who is Helping You Reach Your Goals. That’s Laura Karden. Call her today for a free consultation.
“For me creating a partnership is the best way for people to gain the knowledge they need to accomplish great things. That’s what I love about real estate. I can use my insight to help my clients make the most of their opportunities.”


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